15 Romantic Tips to Make Your Lover Melt

Love is the happy, warm feeling that fills you when you please your lover and put their interests ahead of yours.

The next time you feel the instinct to express your love, you can consider the following romantic ideas.


  1. Pinpoint the event that brought the two of you together.  Once you, make a point of celebrating it every year.
  2. Write your lover a love poem or letter on a piece of paper.  Glue the paper to card stock or a thin piece of cardboard and cut it into interlocking puzzle pieces.  You can either mail them all or one at a time on a daily, weekly, etc. basis.
  3. Obtain the paper strips of a over a hundred Hershey’s Kisses candy pieces that have “Kisses” printed on them.  Put the strips in a jewelry box and include a certificate saying that the slips are coupons that are convertible for one kiss each.  Present the box to your lover.
  4. To arrange a romantic summer night on which you and your lover can make wishes on falling stars, highlight the second week of August on your calendar.  The Earth crosses through the Perseid meteor belt on about August 12 annually, which makes for eye catching meteor showers for 2-3 nights.
  5. Call your lover from work during the week and ask for a date on the weekend.
  6. Call your local radio station and ask that a special song be played for your lover.  Make sure he/she is listening.
  7. Place a small love note or poem in your lover’s car, bedroom, workplace, etc.
  8. Call your lover randomly just to say “I love you.”
  9. Surprise your lover by doing one of his/her chores.  Do a difficult chore like cleaning your house, cooking all meals for a week, etc.
  10. Our lives are shaped by memories, so you should create them with your lover regularly.  Take part in a new activity, go somewhere new, try out a new food, etc.
  11. Since your life is a collection of memories, what better way is there for you to mark them than to give your lover an assortment of pictures of the two of you together?
  12. Whether you’re going out or staying at home, dance with your lover to romantic music in the background and be the center of each other’s world.
  13. If neither of you feels like going out, create a romantic moment at home.  Pick a romantic movie(s) you cherish or haven’t seen yet and spend the time in each other’s arms.
  14. Is there a hard to find item your lover values?  When your other half least expects it, get the item, gift wrap it, and offer it to your lover all of a sudden.
  15. Clear time with your lover for a long, leisurely session of tantric sex.  This ancient Indian Hindu practice is famed for the mind-body connection and increased intimacy it brings to couples.