How to be Original with DIY Gift Cards for Valentine’s Day

If you wish to avoid buying a cliché Valentine’s gift, you can consider the following heartfelt and handcrafted Valentine DIY gift card ideas.


  1. Love note (and gift card) inside a mason jar.  Write a love note on a colorful piece of paper to your significant other and package it inside a mason jar along with a gift card for your significant other’s favorite store.
  2. Serve coffee and a gift card with a personalized mug.  Add a specialized design or message to a generic coffee mug with an oil-based sharpie.  Let it dry for 24 hours, then bake it in an oven at 225 degrees for two hours to let the ink set in.  Present the mug and a gift card to your significant other’s place to get hot drinks.
  3. Offer a deck of cards with a complimentary gift card.   Put together a small deck of cards.  Punch holes in the top and bottom left hand corners of each card and bind them together with binder rings or ribbon.  Think of all the things you love about your significant other, write it out on a note card or paper cutout, and paste it onto each card in the deck.  Give the deck and a gift card to your significant other’s favorite store.
  4. Craft a jar of cheap dates.  Write down a number of cheap dates—a free massage, inexpensive wine tasting, free movie, etc.—on paper cutouts and put them inside the jar along with gift cards appropriate for each date.
  5. Crafting a custom iPad Cover.  Remove paper from a composition notebook sew the plastic insert from iPad box into the notebook.  Include a gift card to your significant other’s favorite bookstore or computer store.