Romantic Tips to Explain Your Love to Your Partner

Expressing your love to your partner has no limits except for that of your imagination.  It is essential to express your love to your partner regularly.  If you are shy or a person of few words, you will need to break out of your shell.


The following are some tips for explaining your love.  You can adjust them to meet your comfort level.

  • Dinner at Home

Having a candlelight dinner at home is a time honored custom.  Cook your partner’s favorite food—or order out if your cooking skills aren’t up to par.  Make sure your home is clean and set an appropriate number of scented candles in the dining area.  You can also play romantic music.  Make all the preparations yourself.

  • Visit a Romantic Beach

Spend an evening with your partner on a beach.  Spend quality time with your partner and let your shared love renew and strengthen.

  • Go on a Romantic Weekend

Take your partner to a romantic destination for the weekend, whether it be a cabin by a lake, a tropical location, etc.  Avoid staying in a crowded lodging, so that you can be alone to focus on one another.

  • Spontaneous Date

Catch your partner unaware with a spontaneous, unplanned date.  Go with the flow and head somewhere random.  Breaking your daily routine adds freshness to your life.

  • Avoid Clichés

If expensive dinners, roses, chocolates, etc. aren’t yours and your partner’s thing, don’t engage in them.  Take the time and effort to be romantic in a way your partner will appreciate.

  • Surprise Gifts

If you don’t have time to go on a date with your partner or go away for a weekend, an excellent alternative is giving your partner surprise gifts.  Giving an unexpected present demonstrates your love, keeps your romance alive, and makes your partner feel special.

  • Appreciate Your Partner’s Advice

Whether your partner offers a recommendation on major life problems or a smaller issue like a TV show suggestion, be grateful for it.  It is maddening to offer a suggestion to your partner only to have him/her forget or ignore it and then tell you about an “excellent” movie his/her friend suggested.

  • Share in Activities Your Partner Likes

Even if you’re not interested in an activity your partner follows, it is important that you try and appreciate it.  Doing so can strengthen your bond with your partner and perhaps expand your horizons.

  • Celebrate Special Events

The older your relationship, the greater your effort to celebrate relationship milestones like your anniversary.  Work is needed to keep the flame of your love alive across time.  Celebrating your relationship shows your partner how much having him/her in your life means to you.

  • Share Your Fantasies

Show your partner how much you trust him/her by revealing your sexual and romantic fantasies and encourage him/her to reciprocate.  Keeping your sex life active and healthy is a key component of your relationship.